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Wattle Tech will provide scalable and resilient infrastructure.

Scalable, resilient

Boost your software resilience, accelerate your journey to production, and elevate your software quality to new heights.

Is your business at risk of falling behind the competition? Wattle Tech will help you keep up with your competition.

Is your business at risk of falling behind the competition?

Having an antiquated legacy architecture is a huge business risk and a competitive disadvantage. Gartner estimates that businesses today spend nearly 70% - 80% of their IT budget maintaining old systems.

Can your business keep up if a fast-moving startup enters your market?

Competitive Edge

Businesses that don’t modernise their infrastructure will find it challenging to keep pace with competitors who are leveraging advanced technologies to innovate and improve their customer service.

Operational Efficiencies

Without architecture modernisation companies often struggle with speed and performance inefficiencies due to outdated, siloed systems that do not integrate well. This could lead to increased costs and reduced productivity.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

In the age of digital services, customers expect seamless and efficient experiences. Companies with outdated IT architectures will find it very slow to change making it less flexible to respond to changing business needs and market trends.

Maintenance Costs & Security Threats

Outdated systems are more vulnerable to cyber threats, this might pose significant risks to data security and business operations.

Wattle Tech provides various solutions to help organisations build scalable and resilient infrastructure.


Wattle Tech offers Architecture Modernisation Strategy & Consultation.
Architecture Modernisation Strategy & Consultation

Unlock your tech potential with a comprehensive IT architecture analysis and future-focused blueprint, bolstered by a tailored roadmap to transform your current setup into a modern, agile infrastructure.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Wattle Tech propels your strategic transition to Cloud Infrastructure, offering expert solutions aligned with your needs and budget. We enable efficient application migration, deploy provider-agnostic infrastructure, and redesign processes for smooth, agile cloud operations.

Wattle Tech offers Containerisation.

Unlock the power of containerisation with Wattle Tech. We guide your transition to this technology, aiding in Docker container setup, orchestration tools, and seamless integration with DevOps, thereby enhancing security, cost-efficiency, and agility in your operations.

Data Centre Automation

Revolutionize your data management with our Data Centre Automation solutions. We offer industry-leading strategies for autonomous operation and central control, freeing you from routine tasks to focus on critical business matters.

DevOps as a service

Wattle Tech harnesses DevOps for transformative collaboration and innovation, accelerating deployment and minimizing errors. We enhance your continuous integration pipelines, establish reproducible infrastructure, improve project visibility, and set up effective management tools.

Wattle Tech offers Infrastructure as code.
Infrastructure as code

Wattle Tech integrates Infrastructure as Code (IaC) into your IT management, streamlining operations, reducing errors, and boosting scalability. Our expert team tailors efficient, budget-friendly automation strategies, guiding your transition to IaC with cutting-edge tools.

IT Virtualisation

Wattle Tech empowers your business with IT Virtualisation, abstracting hardware functionality to optimize efficiency and flexibility. We provide comprehensive services ranging from virtual infrastructure design to operational support, ensuring your optimal use of this transformative technology.

Wattle Tech offers Support & Training.
Support & Training

Benefit from our round-the-clock expertise, proactive service offerings, and comprehensive support, ensuring seamless business operations.

Our expert-led, customizable courses cover the latest software, hardware, and DevOps tools, including comprehensive AWS training and continuous support.

Wattle Tech offers Cyber Security.
Cyber Security

Wattle Tech offers comprehensive cyber security consulting services, providing threat detection, investigation, and prevention through an integrated portfolio of Cyber and ICT Security Services.


We help businesses navigate the complex digital landscape, protect data, and guard against attacks, empowering them to deploy new services confidently and maintain an agile security infrastructure.

Managed Services

Imagine letting it all go ! Focus on business growth and allow Wattle Tech to design, maintain and manage each system for you.

Wattle Tech offers Software as a Service.
Software as a Service

Wattle Tech offers Software as a Service (SaaS), centralizing software hosting on a subscription basis to reduce costs and IT responsibilities for businesses, while ensuring security, availability, and compliance.


Our SaaS model provides a simple, cost-effective solution that can streamline infrastructure, accelerate implementation, and enhance user experience.

Our Clients

Wattle Tech client - shifa4u
Wattle Tech client - cura4u
Wattle Tech client - smartclinix
Wattle Tech client - americantelephysicians
Wattle Tech origin story as a globally renowned Cloud Service Provider Consulting firm.

Our Origin Story

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Sydney, Wattle Tech is a globally renowned Cloud Service Provider Consulting firm dedicated to leveraging technology to design scalable, secure and resilient IT infrastructure for businesses.

We are deeply passionate about enhancing the resiliency of your software, minimising time to production and elevating the overall quality of your software solutions. 


We specialise in all things Cloud Infrastructure, Containerisation, Data Centre Automation, DevOps as a service, Infrastructure as a service, IT Virtualisation and unparalleled support to our clients. 


At Wattle Tech, our main focus is to empower businesses. Partner with us and embark on a journey towards transforming and optimising your IT landscape.

Our Partners

Wattle Tech partners - Amazon Web Services
Wattle Tech partners - docker
Wattle Tech partners - GitHub
Wattle Tech partners - DellEMC
Wattle Tech partners - HashiCorp
Wattle Tech partners - Puppet
Wattle Tech partners - VMWare
Wattle Tech partners - RedHat
Wattle Tech partners - Jenkins
Wattle Tech partners - Grafana
Wattle Tech partners - Kubernetes
Wattle Tech partners -Prometheus

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